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Personal Details- Alberto Salvini

Alberto was born in 1962.
He started fishing at 5 with his two uncles Pino & Tony de Angelis, Italy and World’s champions of fishing in the ‘60s and ‘70s.
He has been exclusively fly fishing and fly tying since 1981 and has been extensively traveling, first as a fashion model for Gucci, Valentino, Armani, Versace just to name a few, and then as a marketing director for his family company specialized in lottery technologies.
During his trips he never forgot to bring his fly fishing gear with him, and he had the pleasure to test the most famous fresh and salt waters around the world across many countries, including most of the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Cuba, the Antilles, the Barbados, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, Corsica, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Greek, Malta, Nigeria, Zambia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.
In 1995 Alberto decided to turn his passion for fly fishing into a career, so he began writing and taking photos for several Italian and International fly fishing magazines as a freelance journalist.
Moreover, he received many invitations as a “guest star” in video series on fly fishing for international media networks.
From 1996 to 2000 he appeared as a special guest star in the TV Show “Seasons”, broadcast by D+, the first European satellite channel dedicated to fishing and hunting, as a fly fishing expert and contributor.
Over the years, he has become a fly tying designer for the famous US manufacturing company RAINY’S FLIES, Inc., and designer of fly fishing tools and gears for several International Companies.
Since 2005 he has been collaborating with DIGICAST – RCS Mediagroup SpA for the satellite television channel “Caccia e Pesca” (Hunting and Fishing) on SKY ch.235-236. Since 1985 member of IGFA (International Game Fish Association) and Representative of Italy to promote the fishing activities as a sport & a way to educate through it. Member and international Fly Tier of FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers) with workshops and programs since 1995.


Personal Details – Marica Cicoria

Marica, graduated at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Italy, in 1989. She spent several years in the showbiz, dancing, singing and acting for musicals, and dubbing for movies.
In 1993, she began fly fishing and shortly she started sharing Alberto's fly fishing and documentary activities.
Since then she has been traveling and fly fishing across the world’s most challenging waters. Her area of expertise includes filming, writing, taking photographs, producing and being a co-protagonist with Alberto of the fly fishing series “Pescavventura”.
She has been an active member of FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers) since 1995, attending and contributing to workshops and programs. Marica is also a FFF Certified “Flycasting Instructor”.
She enjoys teaching to children and ladies to introduce them to this charming sport and make them love the fantastic experienceof fly fishing. Member of FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers) since 1995, in particular Marika is FFF Certified “Flycasting Instructor” since 2003.



Affectionately known as “THE ITALIANS”, Alberto and Marica have been travelling and fishing all over the world and are expert guides in many waters of the USA, particularly in the West. Since 2000 they have been promoting and guiding the last freshwater frontier Mongolia, and the special saltwater fishing of the tropical islands in the Indian Ocean like Sri Lanka, Maldives and Seychelles. 
In Italy they also contribute and teach at the fly fishing school of Parcolaghi, a lodge with several natural lakes on the Appennini mountains. Together they work as promoting fly fishing techniques like freelance journalists and photographers, instructors, speakers for Clubs and Shows, agents and distributors for some international Companies in the Italian market, and testimonials of important fly fishing products. Moreover, they attend the world’s most important meetings and workshops to widen their experience and support the fly fishing philosophy of conservation, education and catch and release.


In 2014 they become officially PATAGONIA Fish Ambassadors.

“Make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”
- Patagonia's Mission Statement-