Caccia e Pesca TV, 235/236 Sky will launch a new season of its biweekly magazine dedicated to Italian and International waters and beyond.

Every other Saturday at 7 p.m. starting October 22, 2011 “PESCAMAG” will offer you 20 new episodes with an exclusive window into the world of recreational and sport fishing with news, events, debates that address technical, scientific and environmental issues.

Created by Alberto Salvini, hosted by Marica Cicoria, Matteo De Falco and Roberto Ripamonti. “PESCAMAG” sits down each time with the major players in the Italian and international fishing landscape.


“PESCAMAG” needs your help as well. Send us news or share with us your concerns about what happens in Italy and outside. Help us to keep Italian fishers informed also submitting your photos and videos.

Send your photos and news via email to “PESCAMAG” editorial office:

We look forward to entertaining you with “PESCAMAG” on Caccia e Pesca TV 235/236 Sky!

 “PescaMag”- Caccia e Pesca TV